LISTEN UP: From rolling strikes to early retirees, from media impartiality to poor quality debate, there’s lots get to grips with right now. We've put together audio and video from recent AoI events and appearances that might help.
Students from four UK schools competed in the heart of Westminster on Friday 10 March. And what an inspiring day of debate it was.
Gary Lineker: free speech, political debate and impartialityListen now (43 min) | The Academy of Ideas team discuss the row that rocked the Beeb.
Claire Fox reports on a turbulent week inside the House of Lords.
No, Minister! The crisis in the Civil ServiceListen now (89 min) | With Sue Gray and Simon Case in the news amid long-running complaints about the effectiveness and impartiality of the government…
This week, Debating Matters, the competition run by the Ideas Matter charity, will host a day of debate in the House of Lords, taking young people and…
Podcast of Ideas: the Windsor FrameworkListen now (62 min) | Rishi Sunak claims he has cleaned up the mess left by the Northern Ireland Protocol. But as the guests on our latest podcast…
New revelations of government decision-making during years of lockdown are a reminder of a dark time we shouldn't forget. PLUS: Inside the Lords.
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